How we plan to give these kids a better life by integrating them into permanent families (adoption process)

In 2009 it was estimated that 3 400 000 orphans lived in South Africa. Of these 1 900 000 were thought to be orphaned as a direct result of HIV/AIDS ( These harrowing figures along with their social ramifications are impossible to conceptualize. They convey a sense of hopelessness – both for the individuals involved and the country of South Africa as a whole.

BUT GOD sees, hears and knows the cries of these precious children and He intervenes in their lives and brings them to Destiny House. While some will call Destiny House home for extended periods of time there exists for others the eventual hope of being reintegrated into their biological or extended families and for some placement into foster families. God desires that children grow up in safe and loving families – if this cannot be achieved within the biological or foster family setting then adoption into a forever family is warmly encouraged and embraced by the Management of Destiny House.

While Destiny House Management is not in any way involved in the selection or processing of adoptive parents we wholeheartedly embrace the concept of adoption and work in consultation and collaboration with social workers to ensure that a child placed in Destiny House is prepared for the their new life in their forever families.