Empowering and enabling children to fulfil their God-given destiny so that they will be able to say:

  • I BELONG in a loving family.
  • I BELIEVE that I was created with a destiny.
  • I will BECOME a leader in our nation.



To welcome vulnerable, parentless children into a loving and secure family environment where they receive unconditional love, spiritual discipleship, quality education, care and nurturing, where all their physical needs are taken care of and where they will be prepared to reintegrate into the community. We aim to partner with government, business and the church, to provide holistic care to children.



  • Provision of a residential care programme for orphaned and abandoned children
  • Provision of therapeutic programmmes
  • Provision of developmental programmes
  • Provision of family reunification and reintegration services
  • Facilitate the access to adequate and appropriate health care
  • Facilitate access to schooling, education and ECD
  • Provision of after care services
  • Provision of an Early Childhood Development ¬†Programme (Destiny Preschool)