Sponsor a Brick!

Employees of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife come to give their gifts to Destiny House

It’s amazing to see that gifts have started to stream in for our “Sponsor a Brick” Campaign.

High school students in Australia are selling African animal print cupcakes. Another Australian initiative involves selling re-usable Christmas gift bags (see the Bags2Bricks link on our Facebook page). So far they have raised money for 2530 bricks!

Locally, gifts have come into our bank account after presentations and we have received money from flyers in local shops. Two days ago, we had a wonderful time at a yearly function of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, the organization that looks after the nature reserves in this area. When we shared the story of Destiny House, people were visibly touched and gave generously while praying and singing. We received R6000, which is the equivalent of 1200 bricks!

We are very grateful for people’s financial support, but even more so for the lasting impact it has on people’s hearts. The more people care about looking after orphaned and abandoned children, the more children will be reached and the more lives will be changed!